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          Sharing Stories!

18 September - 31 October, VondelCS, Vondelpark Amsterdam

We believe in the power of stories, and in the importance of these stories to be heard. That's why we are organizing a special program called 'Sharing Stories'. With an outdoor exhibition and two public talks with some of the best story tellers around.

In an interactive outdoor exhibition we proudly present the stories of all 13 Dockers to date. Posters of each Docker's work will be presented on a giant wall erected outside VondelCS. Visitors are invited to take the posters away with them and create their own unique publication, helping to spread the stories far beyond the exhibition.

In two special live events, makers from various disciplines will talk about their stories and give a peek into their creative process.


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We are Docking Station, a new photography platform.

Our goal is moving visual stories forward.