August 29 - September 23 2019

Jordi will work on his ongoing project The United Soya Republic, which explores the impact of industrial agriculture and cattle ranching in South America. The region is experiencing an unprecedented upheaval in economy, lifestyle and environmental changes, but also land-grabbing and the expulsion of local communities. Jordi connects the dots between the local realities and the major global developments that are creating them.


October 3 - November 3 2019

Ludwig was proposed as a Docker by Arjon Dunnewind, director of multimedia arts festival IMPAKT in Utrecht. During the festival the Story Station will move to Utrecht, where Ludwig will work on his project Playtime and meet many experts in the digital field.


November 7 - 26 2019

Life in the small settlement Evenkis, near the Nizhnyaya Tunguska River in the far north of Russia, is extremely isolated. About 130 people live in the settlement, where there are no roads and the nearest town is 300 kilometres away. In Out-of-the-Way, Elena examines the influence of isolation on the emotional and social development of people and their relationship to their environment.


December 3 - 23 2019

Russian Spring is a photographic project inspired by Loulou's grandmother's fear of her childhood Russia. It is based on Loulou’s and her grandmother’s personal memories, on historical facts, and on current theories and speculations about how Russia might invade Sweden in the future.