our latest Dockers

In January Misha Vallejo was the last Docker to stay at the Docking Hub. He worked on his story Secret Sarayaku and met with many experts, including Eefje Blankevoort, a historian and journalist and the co-founder of Prospektor; Tom Wheeler, director of Sinchi Foundation; Pawel Pokutycki, interactive designer; Tina Farifteh, marketing and social media consultant; Raymond Frenken, consulting editor, adviser and researcher; and Jessica Wawoe, marketing expert and initiator of the Tribal Wisdom Forum. Misha also taught students at Webster University in Leiden and AKV/St.Joost Academy in Breda.

My time at Docking Station was essential in order to deconstruct all my preconceived notions about storytelling. I went to them with an open mind, ready to gather as many ideas and perspectives from the experts as possible. This experience made me question and rethink my project and practice. I am sure that it has given me the tools to tell stories in a richer and deeper way.
— Misha Vallejo

Three weeks ago we waved off Docker Faiham Ebna Sharif from Bangladesh. Since we had already said goodbye to our Docking Hub, Faiham was invited by Webster University to spend his Docking period in Leiden, where he gave an artist talk and presented his work at the Webster University art gallery. He discussed his project Cha Chakra with over 16 experts, including Lotti Pronk, independent photo editor and producer of photography projects; director of FOTODOK Femke Rotteveel; photo editor of The Correspondent Yara van der Velden; independent curator Iris Sikking; Jan Luhmann, Global Head of Procurement at JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS; Bas Vroege, director of Paradox; and many more.