Each landscape is, to a greater or lesser extent, formed by a large number of factors. Sometimes with far-reaching social consequences, such as a forced move. Reminders of these transformations can be found in the landscape. Those memories come to light by an active look at the changing landscape, where hidden aspects come to the surface. Now and then it is possible to interpret the landscape, at other times it requires repeated visits to get to know the characteristics.

Meanwhile, I have been working for more than 10 years in various long-term projects in Ukraine, in which I research the landscape in the broadest sense of the word. I observe the habits of the people, and the history and topography of the area. In the Ukraine, I became a stranger who can look 'beyond the mirror'. My interest is based on a specific interaction of people with their living environment, with the landscape, the ground: spaces where personal history is still present.
Ukraine is, after France, the largest country in Europe, and is considered to be the Russian sphere of influence, but has started its own course in recent years. Within the current Ukrainian geopolitical discourse, there is therefore an urgent need to consider and capture the visible cultural identity that listens to the voice of the young generation.

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Who? Christian van der Kooy

From The Netherlands

Docking July 3 - 10

Working on Anastasiia, She Folds Her Memories Like A Parachute

About the Ukrainian cultural identity.




Christian van der Kooy is a Docker at Docking Station and stays in the Torenkamer of VondelCS to develop his work.



In collaboration with the Torenkamer at VondelCS - a space for young artists to develop their work in Amsterdam - we have selected Christian van der Kooy. He will work on his project during his stay in the Torenkamer and will present this during the Torenkamerfestival from July 7 - 16 at VondelCS. After his stay in the Torenkamer he will stay in Docking Station's Hub.