My time at the Docking station went fast as it was filled with a meeting almost every day. It has been a great pleasure meeting all the inspiring experts. I gained a lot of valuable input for my project from various sides - artists, curators, gallerists and people with superpowers as well. I was delighted about the selection Docking station made for me, as they make a strong effort to make the best fit for both sides.
— Eliška Stejskalová





In collaboration with Fotopub - a festival led by young artists and curators, Novo mesto, Slovenia. - we have selected Eliška Stjeskalová to Dock in our Hub.

Visual artist Eliška Stejskalová is interested in non-conventional ways of perception and depiction. Her installation Smells Like A Table explores the nuances of human perception and experience. The intangible (sound) is transformed into material sculptural depictions. The work questions our subjectivity of perceiving sound and colour within mediums based on objectiveness and presenting a reality. 

Eliška will investigate the authenticity of the objective in the medium, playing around with the human superpowers that go beyond the common understanding, such as dexterity, synesthesia, psychokinesis, aura and telepathy.


Who? Eliška Stjeskalová

From Czech Republic

Docking October 6 - 24, 2017

Working on Smells Like A Table

Eliška Stejskalová (* 1991, Prague) gained a degree in economics before she got into photography, which she started to study at FAMU in Prague in 2011. Part of her studies was an educational stay at the Academy of Art and Design in Bergen. After returning from Norway she completed her BA under the mentorship of Jiří Thýn and continued with a MA degree at the Royal College of Art in London. While studying in the UK, Eliška obtained a Bluewolf Fine Art scholarship and participated in La Ira de Dios residency in Buenos Aires. Now with a recently finished MA under the guidance of Larry Achiampong, Eliška is coming to the Docking station residency which she won at the Fotopub festival last year.





Dusan Josip Smodej
Fotopub Festival, Slovenia


‘‘Eliška Stejskalova's residency in Amsterdam is the fruit of a longer collaboration between Docking Station and Fotopub Festival (Novo Mesto. Slovenia). The residency was given out as one of the three awards to the winners of the Fotopub Portfolio review 2016. I've been in touch with Eliška's work since we met in Prague and it was a pleasure to host her at our portfolio review where her research got a chance to be noticed by many arts professionals. At Fotopub we aim to recognize the qualities of young artists and connect them with established professionals in the field of contemporary art, thus enabling future interactions and supporting the development and acceleration of their artistic careers. I see this collaboration, resulting in Eliška's three week stay in Amsterdam, as an example of good practice in our work.

Eliška's practice, even though she is primarily educated as a photographer, is not a typical photography practice. At Fotopub we are the same, we don’t deal with photography, but with the photographic, we deny the obsession with the medium and explore the photographic in its broadest sense. I feel Eliška's visit at Docking Station is a great example of what we are trying to build: a bridge between photography and fine art. I believe Eliška will explore and gather most valuable opportunities at Docking Station that will help her practice progress and evolve.’’