In collaboration with Belfast Photo Festival - a festival of documentary photography - we have selected Paul Cupido to Dock abroad. He joined the Portfolio Reviews and was given the opportunity to have multiple expertmeetings to move his story forward.


Project description

The idea of Mu goes beyond having to choose. In translation its meaning comes close to ‘does not have’. Searching for Mu — taking shape in photographs, film clips, sound and folded paper — is tantamount to a quest. I have journeyed nearly as far away from home as possible, first to Tokyo, then on to Abashiri. Nevertheless, a journey outward equally means an exploration of our inner selves. A journey inward searching for acceptance that life comes to an end, yet at the same time knowing that life is circular, starting over time and again.

Who? Paul Cupido

From the Netherlands

Docking May 29 - June 5

Working on Searching for Mu

About A journey inward






Michael Weir
Director of Belfast Photo Festival 


 “I choose Paul because I felt a depth
of feeling in his photographs, which in addition to being visually striking, they evoke a curiousity that is not easy to capture and create. This feeling and sense of journey which the series provokes is something we all feel in life and it make this project highly relatable”