October 3 - November 3 2019

Ludwig was proposed as Docker by Sophia Greiff (DE), author and curator for photography.

Docking Station will collaborate with IMPAKT festival in Utrecht. For that reason our Story Station will move to Utrecht during a few days of the festival. As Ludwig’s work is so connected to the theme of this years IMPAKT festival, namely Speculative Interfaces, Ludwig will work in Utrecht from 30 October till 2nd November on his project Playtime.


November 7 - 26 2019

Life in the small settlement Evenkis, near the Nizhnyaya Tunguska River in the far north of Russia, is extremely isolated. About 130 people live in the settlement, where there are no roads and the nearest town is 300 kilometres away. In Out-of-the-Way, Elena examines the influence of isolation on the emotional and social development of people and their relationship to their environment.


December 3 - 23 2019

Friend or foe and the Eastern sea so green is a photographic project inspired by Loulou's grandmother's fear of her childhood Russia. It is based on Loulou’s and her grandmother’s personal memories, on historical facts, and on current theories and speculations about how Russia might invade Sweden in the future.

  Docker #27

Ludwig Ander-Donath

Playtime is seeking the boundaries between the virtual and the analogue world within the vocabulary of documentary photography. It takes on our increasing migration into digital worlds in our daily life. The pictures are taken at places, that stand for technological progress, without giving the viewer exact information about what is depicted. With photography being a digital medium itself, representing real things, the viewer of the pictures often doesn‘t know where to locate.


Who? Ludwig Ander-Donath

From Germany

Docking October 3 - November 3 2019




Author and curator for photography

By means of virtual reality headsets, treadmills or full-body suits, today it is possible to immerse oneself into computer-generated, interactive worlds that look and feel increasingly like the physical reality we know. These evolving technologies are applied in a variety of areas, ranging from pilot training in flight simulators and the creation of virtual prototypes and production planning in the industry, to virtual rehabilitation and therapeutic use. With approximating screens and increasing immersive technologies, it is becoming ever more important to develop what we might call “virtual literacy” – a certain awareness of the functionalities, modes of action as well as the risks of digitally created environments.

In his work Playtime, Ludwig Ander-Donath focuses on this omnipresent but still underrepresented topic, seeking the boundaries between the virtual and the analogue world within the vocabulary of documentary photography. He visits places that shape or have been shaped by virtual realities, creating pictures that play with expectations about the realism of the photographic medium. Ludwig’s residency at Docking Station will give him the wonderful opportunity to further evolve his important project and to participate in the multimedia arts festival IMPAKT in Utrecht. I am sure that he will benefit hugely from the expertise, inspiration and exchange provided by the Docking Station community.