With polarisation growing in the Netherlands, society is becoming increasingly segregated. Stigmas of Islam are developed by the media with a continuous stream of negative messages and with the creation of unrealistic portrayals of Muslims. At the same time, a part of the Dutch population refuses to understand Muslim society.

The vision of this project May I introduce you stems from the idea that knowledge creates understanding and therefore lowers the boundaries to meet one another. The experiences of getting to know can go beyond judging. Because when you have context about someone it will give you another perspective than only looking to the outside. In a time when there is so much negative connotations about the Islam. Where the warning mechanism is fully activated and a whole group of people is generalised, there must be some help to reach understanding. 

In the virtual reality experiences, the viewer can visit three Dutch children that share one thing in common: their religion, the Islam. These children explain how they intertwine their religion in their daily life.


Who? Lou Muuse

From The Netherlands

Docking October 26 - November 2

Working on May I introduce you

About Polarisation in the Netherlands 



Lou Muuse graduated in 2015 as a Photographer from the Willem de Kooning Academie. Here she focused on interactive storytelling. She developed the project Retour Afzender (return to sender), an interactive simulation of the asylum seekers procedure of the Netherlands. Directly after she studied the Master of Photography at AKV St Joost Breda. Where she researched the engagement of interactive and multimedia storytelling. 

Her projects often have an educative insight. The subject is made accessible by creating context about the subject, where the aim is to counteract polarisation. In the future she would like to create a platform that provides interactive educational stories on social debates.



We have selected Lou Muuse to come at the Docking Station’s Hub, to work at her project during the VR days. She will visit the VR days and talk to different experts.