My docking experience was a super intense one - I had meetings almost everyday, which was great since every expert was somehow moving the project one step forward conceptually. It was a very inspiring time, and Docking Station did a great job in curating the people to meet - all experts who have worked on topics I could very much relate too. I’m sure the project will take a completely new direction after this experience - which is, i guess, the best can happen to an ongoing body of work.
— Dario Bosio



Dario Bosio grew up in the town of Ventimiglia, in Northern Italy, close to the French border. He remembers going skateboarding in Nice in the afternoon when he was a teenager, without paying attention to the fact that he was crossing into another country. It wasn’t until last year, that he decided to go back to Ventimiglia, realizing that the same border had become a focal point of the migratory route that thousands of people from Africa and the Middle East are taking in order to reach France or the UK.  

Since 2014, French authorities have tightened up security at the border, pushing back the many migrants who are trying to smuggle themselves into the country, creating a bottleneck situation. Hundreds of migrants are now stranded in Ventimiglia, as they wait for their chance to make it through the border, be it through the help of smugglers or by walking on narrow and perilous mountain paths at night. Many of them lose their life in the attempt. 

Since early 2017, Bosio has been conducting ethnographic fieldwork with the migrants stuck in Ventimiglia, trying to understand the ways in which they maintain a sense of agency in spite of the forced stop on the route. Bosio created a visual narrative that breaks with the stereotypical representation of the migrant and avoids any visual representation of the “emergency” lexicon. In the same way it is an attempt to raise questions rather than provide the viewer with finite answers.


Who? Dario Bosio

From Italy

Docking November 20 - December 10 2017

Working on Of Hopes and Borders

About stranded migrants in Ventimiglia, Italy


Dario holds BA in Journalism and a MA in Visual Anthropology and followed 'Photography and Documentary Making' at the Danish School of Journalism. In the past years, he has collaborated with some of the most respected institutions in documentary photography, including interning at NOOR Images and working at 10b Photography and Metrography.

In 2015, while working as the photo-editor of Metrography in Iraq, he co-produced the webdocumentary 'Map of Displacement’.

He has collaborated with some of the most distinguished media outlets in the world (including TIME, Conde Nast, Internazionale, Politiken, British Journal of Photography, RSI among others) and NGOs.

In 2016 he co-founded DARST, a nomadic art studio for documentary projects.




Evelien Kunst
Professional Photography and Marketing Consultant

A photographer today and in the future needs to be much more than only a photographer, especially those that intend to tell their visual stories to larger audiences. They need to work more in teams. Dario Bosio is one of the photographers that understands this. He has therefore throughout his career gained practice and experience as a photographer, photo editor, videographer, producer and educator. 


In his work on migration he collaborates with his subjects in order to create a better representation of the migrants, one that goes beyond the stereotypes and Dario gives them a true identity, which makes people relate to them. 


I have no doubt that Dario will be the ‘example Docker’, very open to exchanging thoughts, new insights and even more collaborations!