workshop two | fall 2017


with expert Marga Rotteveel

Making a good photo is one thing, creating a strong series is another. Often this is decided by a good selection and sequence. The same goes for your portfolio.

In this workshop you'll learn from editors from our network how to strengthen your story and portfolio by editing it right.





Besides being co-founder of Docking Station, Marga is a teacher at art academy St. Joost in Breda and has multiple advising roles in the field of photography and fine arts. She lectures both bachelor and master students and specializes in development issues in profiling and positioning as a creator. Her program of education focuses on TEACHING students to write project plans, grant applications and artist statements. She also guides professional photographers in this field in her own practice. Furthermore, Marga is a member of advising committee PRO grants The Hague, where she advises on applying for grants.

13.00 - 16.00 o'clock

Location to be announced

Enorm bedankt voor alle tips en trics rondom het schrijven van een subsidieaanvraag, het was een inspirerende en productieve middag. Het heeft een boost en nieuwe energie gegeven aan mijn project en met zelfvertrouwen ga ik aan de slag om een aanvraag te schrijven.
— Daphne Wageman (workshop deelnemer 25.06.2016)