Docking Station X Narrative Journalism Conference

19/20 April 2018 / Pakhuis de Zwijger

Docking Station and The Initiative Narrative Journalism Netherlands believe in the power of stories to make complex social issues accessible for a wide audience. In 2018 The Initiative Narrative Journalism will organise its first European Conference. The theme of the lecture series is Find your Voice in the European Narrative Tradition. What are the European stories of our time? Which story traditions does our continent have? And what can European storytellers learn from each other? During this conference, Docking Station is organising a cross-media session: Crossing Borders: Where Do We Go From Here? This will be a program with different authors from various disciplines (photography, radio, film, graphic novels) who will be in conversation with each other about how to tell stories, based on the idea of using the power of imagination. The five speakers work with different media in order to highlight the same theme: migration. Within these themes they have used the strategy of the power of imagination in order to (continue) to involve the public in this urgent theme.

Two of our Dockers have a beautiful contribution: Terje Abusdal (docker # 11 in May 2017) and Marina Caneve (docker # 19 in April 2018). 

More info on the program is soon to be announced on our website.  More info about the conference can be found here

Crossing Borders is the theme for Docking Station in 2018. In the autumn we will organise an evening full of stories with different authors who work with various media. More info soon.



Our outdoor exhibition Pick Your Story is on the move!

Our exhibition at the Vondelpark in September 2017 was very successful. We inspired many people with the stories from our 13 Dockers. The exhibition took the form of a giant wall and stood right in front of the Docking Hub. We experienced this as a fantastic tool for spreading the important and beautiful stories of our Dockers. So….this giant wall is going on the move. Right now we are having exploratory talks with Fotodok and Breda Photo in order to investigate how we can collaborate and to see how we can plant this huge outside exhibition in Utrecht and Breda. More soon.