We are proud to announce...


...that Docking Station and NOOR - photo agency and foundation, are joining forces. 

NOOR will exchange knowledge and expertise with the international photographers (Dockers) staying in the Docking Station Hub. For the Dockers, but also for other photographers, NOOR offers an inspiring educational program with workshops, trainings, masterclasses and lectures. 

Asmara Pelupessy, NOOR’s Education Director, became our Docking Ambassador. She scouts new talented international photographers for us. She focuses, just like all of our Docking Ambassadors, on socially relevant stories made by involved photographers.

Docking Station's aim with this collaboration is to create new possibilities for national and international photographers: broaden their network, expand their audience and help visual stories to grow. 

Want to know more about NOOR? http://noorimages.com/