how it works

Each month, one docker will be selected with the help of our docking ambassadors. These talentscouts keep their eyes open for great stories that could benefit from our program. We won't ask for money from the docker, but instead we expect a great deal of sharing. The story needs to move forward. Our docking network and docking partners are here to help with that. And last but not least, we have our docking friends. This is a group of supporters that want to hear and see these stories and spread the word.

The way in which Marga and Anais share their extraordinary resourcefulness with emerging storytellers makes Docking Station a truly beautiful initiative. I’m so grateful that I was invited to stay at the Docking Hub in Amsterdam, where I met with Dutch experts and, furthermore, had the privilege to join Docking Station at Krakow Photomonth (Poland). There I continued my working period while also participating as an exhibiting artist of this great festival. This made it very accessible for me to test-case my work to fellow artists, as well as other experts in the field. I made some great contacts that I’m sure will impact my work in the time to come, and I returned with buckets of energy and motivation to continue my work!
— Eline Benjaminsen (Docker #20)
My docking experience was a super intense one - I had meetings almost everyday, which was great since every expert was somehow moving the project one step forward conceptually. It was a very inspiring time, and Docking Station did a great job in curating the people to meet - all experts who have worked on topics I could very much relate too. I’m sure the project will take a completely new direction after this experience - which is, i guess, the best can happen to an ongoing body of work.
— Dario Bosio (Docker #15)
Docking Station is a rare and unique sort of residency, designed to maximise meetings with possible collaborators and supporters of the artist’s project. This residency is very valuable particularly for us practitioners working far away from the centres of creative production in the world. The open-ness of the Dutch creative scene, blurring the lines between art, photograpic, film, performance and journalistic practices is a welcome breath of fresh air.
— Sim Chi Yin (Docker #13)
“The experts I have met, are very interesting and professional.
Since 2015 I am working on my project about the female Kurdish fighters and besides several portfolio meetings,
I can say that my time at Docking Station has truly been and will be very important
for the development of my work. I haven’t had so much effective input and inspiring meetings so far.
— Sonja Hamad (Docker #10)
By providing a dedicated time, space and team of field experts, the Docking Station residency was a rare and special opportunity to devote nonstop energy to advancing and deepening the scope and intentions of my long-term personal project ‘Love From Manenberg’. I can’t wait to get to work on the ideas that were generated during my time as a Docker.
— Sarah Stacke (Docker #7)
You could say that I’m some sort of activist that tries to get the word out to the right people. And I’d like to do that over and over again with every story that I think is important to be seen or heard. Being part of Docking Station helps me to realise this by meeting people who can generate more awareness about the project.
— Mathias Depardon (Docker #3)
Being a Docker is great for your creativity. Besides all the great workshops and inspiring people you meet that help you with your work, it sometimes feels like being in your childhood again. I’m living in a small treehouse and I’m outside constantly. When you’re home there’s always something else to do. Here your mind is free to be inspired.
— Dominika Gesicka (Docker #1)
My time at the Docking station went fast as it was filled with a meeting almost every day. It has been a great pleasure meeting all the inspiring experts. I gained a lot of valuable input for my project from various sides - artists, curators, gallerists and people with superpowers as well. I was delighted about the selection Docking station made for me, as they make a strong effort to make the best fit for both sides.
— Eliška Stejskalová (Docker #14)
As a photographer, my main passion lies in the act of creating the work. But in the end, we don´t make it to have it sitting in our archives collecting dust. We want it out there, the story to be told, the work to be shown. And I am, like I suspect many of my peers are, pretty bad at doing what needs to be done after the work is finished. My stay here has been a huge help in navigating the world of magazines, festivals, curators, galleries and publishers. I have made great contacts and received more feedback and help than I could have hoped for.
— Terje Abusdal (Docker #11)
It’s been a great, unforgettable and recreational period with Docking Station. Loads of wonderful expert meetings, ideas, new opportunities, experiences and places. The residency taught me to be more pro-active when approaching experts in the field. Instead of waiting for doors to open I started to knock on them. I gained an incredible network and it also reminded me of how beneficial networking is and how forming one contact can lead to another.
— Georgs Avetisjans (Docker #9)
What makes Docking Station special is this idea of connecting you with people that can help you and your project in the stage you’re in. You really build a network of people that are eagerly motivated to help you move the work forward
— Claudius Schulze (Docker #6)
My time as Docker #2 was filled with wonderful and unique experiences. It was a great balance between professional meetings with industry experts where I gained valuable insight I will take forward and apply to my project, alongside culturally immersing myself within the city and creative spaces!
— Melissa Arras (Docker #2)

as a docker, you'll get




You'll stay in a fantastic hub in the middle of photography hotspot Amsterdam, surrounded by likeminded dutchies and other people from all over the world. We provide you with your own docking bike so you can get to them. Your stay is for free, but instead we expect a great deal of sharing.



a boost for your visual story

Every visual story is different so the program for each docker will be different. One thing is for sure though: you'll get four one-on-one sessions. These sessions will not only be with us. You will dock onto our extensive interdisciplinary network and have a meeting with an expert in the field where you need help. Furthermore, we're aiming for you to have a lot of encounters with our community.


a new audience

One way to move your visual story forward is by showing it to a new group of people. With our community and network, we give you the opportunity to reach a broad and diverse audience. Get inspired, inspire others and leave fully charged.